What is Virgin Hair



"How to Care"

Its really that simple.



Girls! It is really important to wash your hair.

It really isnt difficult and with the right product can and will manage the care and growth of your hair. 

We advise to wash your wig or hair unit once every three to four weeks using keratin oils. 

Tresemme, Kerastase, If you prefer to use a Vegan hair range or Organic Product then from the editors choice would be, '

Love, beauty & the planet shampoo, Urtekram Rasul shampoo, l'oreal elvive fibrology shampoo,l'oreal elvive  fibrology hair masque and hair thickner or herbal essences bio renew.

All of these boast of their of nature and each has an undeniable feature to thoroughly cleanse hair with bio goodness.
On rotation we use tressemme or keratesse as a salons choice however my personal favourite Love, beauty & planet and urtekram rasul shampoo which leaves hair feeling out of this world. Kindly scented with ornamental rose or Pure Mint.

Colored Shampoo- Shampoo for color treated hair

Purple Shampoo

What is purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is for those with light hair, salon achieved or natural, such as blonde, platinum, silver / gray, white, or pastel. Because it is made for light colored hair, if you're brunette you wont see any results. But, if you're brunette with blonde highlights it will maintain your highlights color. And if you have bleached hair, purple shampoo is a must have. 

Biolage Colorlast or Biolage R.A.W. Color Care helps to maintain your gloss between services. 


There is no right or wrong way to wash your hair. Nothing rhythmic, no special tips, no specially designed routines, just advised or suggested that hygienically it is best advised to wash your wig or hair unit once every three to four weeks. 
This avoids scaling up or the build up of dandruff which can lead to a disastrous condition.

N.B if you have a really good hair stylist or hairdresser which does not mind taking of your wig/unit to thoroughly treat your own hair, then take very good care while washing your hair. Too much aggression or pressure using the tip of your fingers can or may lead to undoing a hem/weft which is sown in place to keep your tracks together. So take very good care.


Do use conditioner. Not a leave in conditioner, hair conditioner. This puts a seal or encapsulates your shampoos directive and shows off a nice finesse.

Freedom of choice you CAN choose to style your hair after 3-4 weeks giving your wig or unit a fresh look. Reviving its identity choose to trim if not cut, curl or dye using a full head or highlights to revamp your entire Ego. 

Whatever you do or whichever you choose please note that authentk1 sources Premium quality Virgin hair which provides the versatility to create and to achieve a secondary alternate look.

This is hair that has not been chemically processed in anyway I.e. bleached,dyed or permed.
Virgin Hair is hand processed. This way each cuticle is kept intact and is aligned strand by strand to make softer,smoother & tangle free hair.
This combined with its original hair quality is what makes virgin hair progressively sold.


Hair Oils and Hair Creams

Please do not use hair oils or hair creams. We advise not use any hair oils or hair creams as they have the capability to transform the nature or ambiance of your hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, waxes, aerosols all have the same effect.

Our Premium Quality Hair is 100% unprocessed, therefore the application of hair oil or hair cream will retaliate toward the application on the hair, as 

hair oils and hair creams contain much more harsher chemicals which would later oxides toward the conditions that they have been permitted.

We advise the use of hair spray, which has a lighter function. African Essence Wig control uses Aqua as a chemical compound, Citric Acid which maintains its effectiveness as a preservative and hydrolyzed silk as a silk protein which provides sheen to enhance the appearance of your hair. 

Hair Irons:  "How to maintain healthy hair while applying heat"

So you have a new wig, your units been slayed, you've had the total balayage and of course you would want it to look revolutionized however, the potential consequence of using too much heat leads to permanent damage.

Heat damage is when the protein of the hair follicle becomes destroyed, by the excessive use of high heat. Style link heat buffer or a primer like Biolage r.a.w. heat can be applied to the hair before using hot irons to style the hair desirably as they serve as a heat protectant.

Hair irons are cool and in our studio we use flat irons to commonly style and dress our hair. The effect we do not wish to establish is dry/brittle hair in nature, as the result of heat retention, so we suggest to use heat moderately and in moderation to prevent your hair from damage.



What is ombre,Sombre, Balayage, Foilage??

Ombre is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom.
It’s versatile, customisable for all hair lengths, cost effective and looks great on any hair style.



The difference in ombre and sombre is that is uses softer tones to for its coloured effect. Each shade is blended, so that they appear to melt.

Colour Melting

Colour melting is the application of two or three colours, usually applied with natural-looking shades or with complimentary colours, colours which match, mix and combine together making hair of any length
longer hair, thicker hair, fuller hair, fine hair,course hair etc speak for itself.



Chalked something up by experience? Balayage takes some use and getting use to colour. Knowing how to apply colour, tones and technique you move on having found your niche.


Foilage is an old style method yet original method in speeding up the heat process in colour whilst using foil to wrap the hair. Ammonia transforms the colour during isobaric pressure as the pH levels rise causing the hair to change its colour.

How to dry your hair

Human hair should be blow dried, using a blow drier. Using low heat to detangle as the hair becomes dry, higher temperature completely drying the hair. If it is natural hair then it is best advised to air dry hair as your hair retains nutrient, hydration and reconstructs its follicle. In contrast natural hair is only able to grow at the level to which it is able to be maintain. 

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair can be washed and towel dried as it is man-made fibre, this needs to be rubbed whilst drying to avoid the hair from becoming tangled or matt as the fibre will snap or rip.


In order to effectively colour your hair you will need to familiarise yourself with colour theory, what colours work to compliment tones, formulas, their strengths and dietary.


In the hair industry, whatever is whatever, a trend is a 'go. No needn't be price conscious as perspective is value and will pay for what you believe is to be valuable however, you do need to be brand specific.



You need to buy brands which a) which have experience working with hair b) have the years working behind colour and can tailor suit specific towards the aim and interest of the customer.





Here we describe each content into detail to explain the causes,symptoms, the conditions,treatments and the prevention of.

This table is not exhaustive and highlights the very common determinants which makes the difference and determines the growth of healthy hair.
























With over thousands of hair companies and different brands, which do you go for & what type and kind of hair??? Micro Rings, La Weaves, Human Hair, Synthetic, i-tip, Unprocessed hair...

The final result of your hair illustrates genealogy. DNA, RNA, recessive traits and melanin, which determine their biological functions and deepen in a complicated way of their primary structures on biological anthropology.

colour is determined by the melanin in the hair shaft. Phaeomelanin pigment produces a red to yellow pigment in variation, eumelanin pigment produces red to black variation which determines the actual colour melanocytes our protein synthesis cells affect and distribute.


IF cells produce no colour then the cortex of each colour becomes transparent, the resulting white.




Terminal hair which is closely connected with the vellus hair, is grown in larger regions on the human body such as your scalp and 

beard (in men) produced by glycoprotein.

The hair shaft which is the filament,is the outer structure of the interior containing dead cells called 'keratin, this is located on the inside of the medulla, where the bulb is found which distributes live cells and the live cells is what supplies the hair it's keratin.

The inaugumentary system which acts as a physical barrier between the scalp and the end point of the hair (follicle), regulates its own cycle of growth and rest. Now within the growth period, hair takes three years to grow. It goes through the process of receiving organic compounds such as carbon,hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (amino acids), organs, hormones (anterior pituitary gland), organelles and other elements from keratinocytes in contrast other connective tissues.


Myogenesis which is a muscle forms part of the sex hormones, gonad, steroid hormones ie, adrenal

androgens, anagens, and corticosteriod hormones that secretes B-catenin which is a protein &

has multi-function purposes to regulate and co-ordinate cell (fluid) transfusion playing key role in cell

signalling. The cells then able to detect chemical signals or physical stimuli.


Each cell is programmed to respond to specific extracellular signal. Fibroblast which is a connective tissue

engages in extracellular matrix, transfuses multicellular organisms, mesenchyme, collagen,alpha-keratin, sebaceous,

oxygen into the dermal papilla resulting in growth,development regenerative repair of the tissue.


This is responsible for the proliferation of growth and development during the growth periods of hair.


















The rest period/rest phase takes 3 months for each hair follicle to grow.



















(easier to darken hair than to lighten hair)





Black to blue

Blonde to white